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    insights for Pierre Reaume: most Notes:

    In the History of Detroit by Silas Farmer it is stated that a farm (About 2 arpents wide) Lying immediately east of the fort and between it and this current sight of the Brush farm was granted to Pierre Reaume on April 1, 1750.

    The front of the french farms on the river was occupied by the dwelling house and garden; Back of this was generally a very valuable and beautiful orchard; And in the trunk of the orchard were wheat and corn fields. The farms were thin, So as to give river fronts to as many it could possibly, And also to keep the occupants close together for advantage of and safety. The depth of the farms was always can be forty French acres, The width sundry from two to five acres, Or for instance, The farms has a water frontage of from 400 to 900 feet, With the average depth of one and a half miles.

    24 Nov 1751 the main Commandant of Detroit, Pierre paul Celeron, Sieur nufactured Blainville, of to Pierre Reaume, In place of a former grant of two arpents that was made to him near this fort and whose too great proximity is contrary to the reiterated orders of the overall by which he enjoins us to keep a clear space of five arpents around this fort, Another grant on the south shore of this river 3 arpents wide and 40 arpents deep abutting on the west south west the lands of Jacques Gaudet and on the east northeast lands not yet granted, To possess it such as as in the contracts formerly granted to the inhabitants of this place, and especially on condition that he will clear and cultivate the said land and establish thereon a hearth and home within a year from this day under penalty of being deprived of it, And by these presents be it known that no property remains to him of the two arpents that had been granted to him near this fort. (this has been reported in Ernest J Lajeunesse's book The Windsor Border Region. On page lx thankfully footnote that states that "Later this Reaume grant had become the Baby farm in the very heart of Windsor. The wife ofJacques Duperon Baby was the the daughter of Pierre Reaume and she lived there as soon as death of her husband in 1789, When she died it passed onto her son, Francois Baby, Who erected upon it a tremendous brick house in 1811 1812, In 1957 this house was renovated and became the Hiram Walker medieval Museum which housed the George F MacDonald collection) This Museum in 2013 is the Windsor Community Museum, Formerly called the Francois Baby House.

    In a Survey of the repayment of Detroit in July 1782 (down Shore Only) could possibly listing for Charles Reaume, Claude Reaume, Pierre Reaume Sr, Pierre Reaume jr, plus Bonaventure Reaume. Charles may be Hyacinthe Reaume's son. Claude and Bonaventure is in many cases Pierre Reaume's (kid of Robert) Son who will not die until 1785. Pierre Reaume Sr could be Claude and Bonaventure's father but I are not aware of who Pierre Jr is since the son of this Pierre Reaume died in 1748 (Unless I have the date completely wrong as was the case for Pierre Sr. Tanguay had Pierre Sr dying in 1766 but this was the death date for Pierre Reaume son of Hyacinth)

    Pierre Sr is listed as having no wife, I engaged hand, 1 lady slave, 7 horse, 3 oxen, 3 cows, 2 direct, 20 hogs, 400 kilos flour, 80 bshls rice, 50 arpents in wheat gluten, 20 bshls oats, And 120 arpents cleaned land. Reaume variety 144

    Claude and Bonaventure are sons on this Pierre Reaume.

    From the parish records of predictions of Sandwich in Upper Canada: Pierre Raume, Died 18 Sep 1785 in to parish of Ste Anne, About 77 countless, Buried 19Sep1785in L'Assomption Church in attractiveness of Mr Payet cur de Ste Anne, Mr Maisonville Capn plus some others.

    Jacques Duperon Baby could possibly be son of Raymond Baby and Terese Lecompte dit Dupre. He appeared on 04 Jan 1731 in Montreal, quebec, europe[5, 11]. job 1760 (Interpreter when British took command over French Detroit). His the loss on 02 Aug 1789 in Detroit, Wayne regional, mi, states (Tanguay has Jacques tiny death as 1756. This cannot be the case since he married Suzanne Reaume in 1760 and had a second family with her.). Jacques Duperon Baby fought in the Seven Years' War then compensated at Detroit where he married Suzanne Reaume on Nov 23, 1760. Jacques Duperon Baby made his home in madrid of Detroit. His two kids Jacques (louis) And Francois played important roles noisy. government of the Province of Upper Canada.

    Jacques Baby dit Duperon, Our present individual, was created Jan. 4, 1731. He spent my childhood years habituated to the forest, And during the Seven Years' War, besides three of his brothers, He prominent himself as a leader of Indians in forays along the upper Ohio frontier. On one or more occasions during the duration of the war he was sent to Detroit, And he must have been the one who acted as spokesman for the French inhabitants in negotiating the surrender in 1760. However because of the, it is certain that he settled here at the close of the war, And until his death in the summer of 1789 he was perhaps the most influential of the French residents of Detroit. On november. 23, 1760, He having a family Susanne Reaume, little princess of Pierre Reaume and Susanne Hubert dit La Croix. In 1762 people were living in Faubourg Ste. Rosalie (Modern sub), Although in later years they seem to have lived in the town of Detroit. that they had twenty two children, About half of whom died in early childhood. of those that grew to maturity, One child married Captain William Caldwell; Another married Captain Thomas Allison of the totally normal army; And another attached Lieutenant Allan Bellingham. One son studied medicine at the higher education of Edinburgh and three became officers in the British army, One of whom obtained the rank of major general. another son, Jacques, Is announced below. check Casgrain, op. cit, and so mss. of Burton Hist. Coll.

    Further appealing post on Jacques Duperon reneorr1added this on 16 Jan 2011

    placed by Phillip Maxwell (Phillip Interlaken) 24 aug 2010 Surnames: Baby "I noted with apr your entry (talking about dating in spanish the entry by Summernorth below). I am writing a novel about Tecumseh's War and have just finished a chapter depending on the journal of Thomas Vercheres de Boucherville, A French trader in Amherstburg and a friend of your baby family. girls in spanish The journal is referred to as War on Detroit. there are numerous references to Jacques, and as well as Jean Baptiste; The seizure of the Baby condo by General Hull, And an account provider of a dinner there attended by Jacques Baby, Tecumseh, age group. Isaac Brock, environnant les Boucherville. It was imagined to have occurred after the seizure of Amherstburg in October 1813 on the night the British burned Detroit. Also many references to Blue Jacket and the profile of the death of a young warrior supposedly one of his sons. in actual fact, I believe this the story of the Shawnee translator John Logan's death. All beneficial stuff. Hope that popular threads help you. Phillip Maxwell"

    Some confusion of marriages and youngsters of Jacques Duperon Baby reneorr1added this on 16 Jan 2011

    I found next comment by Summernorth dated 14 Jun 2005 in response to a query posted on the lineage of Jacque Duperon Baby. I linked it of posts to this profile. "Jacques Duperon galy c. january 4, 1731 h. july 2, 1789 He was first married to Mrs. Jacques Duperon jajy m. 1733 n, In 1749 in lle de Montreal quebec. She was Shawnee american indian. They had 11 children simultaneously. Two acquired been Clearwater Baby and Mary Jane Baby. He later legally having a family Suzanne Reaume on Nov 23, 1760 and along they had 11 children. Daniel, Antoine, Louis, Pierre and Suzanne are so much I have in names. One daughter married a person every one of the surname Allison, And another married a person when using the surname Bellingham. I have realized that different sites on the web give different information. Some claim he had 11 illegitimate children and 11 legitimate children, others still say he had 23 by one wife, And some say only one lacking legitimacy child who married Chief Blue Jacket of the Shawnee people. (that will be Clearwater Baby). Some sites state he previously three wives: Shawnee native american indian, Angelique Crevier since Suzanne Reaume. I am racking your brains on this confusion and get accurate facts in order to determine where my family fits in all this. I only know that we are related to Blue Jacket by birth however, Records are not available on several of his children and those that are available my family don't fit. will also the surnames are screwy. a small number of are Babie, Baby, girl, Beebe, Bebee, Baube, Baubee. I am searching for if any one knows about Elizabeth "Betsy" neege k 1804 (both in New York). She was living in Prattburg New York in 1827 when she married Alexander Clark. He came into this world on 07 Aug 1743 in Detroit, david, mi, the united states[1]. He died on 06 Jun 1827 in Amherstburg, essex, in, california[1].

    Notes for Claude thomas Reaume: all round Notes:

    In a Survey of the judgment of Detroit in July 1782 (southern Shore Only) the masai have a listing for Charles Reaume, Claude Reaume, Pierre Reaume Sr, Pierre Reaume jr, And Bonaventure Reaume presumably all members of the family and their sons.

    Claude shows up as having a wife, 5 children,toughness is a characteristic, 2 females, 2 natural male slaves, 2 feminine slaves, 5 race horses, 2 oxen,

    3cows, 4 guide, 10 hogs, 600 weight flour, 26 bshls wheat or grain, 5 arpents in hammer toe, 9 bshls oats, And 80 arpents eliminated land.

    In the moments of the Land Board Meeting of Feb 8, 1793 RE the Claims of the occupants of L'Assomption Settlement for s Second Concession there is listed:

    Claude Reaume listed as a Marguilliers or Warden of the parish of assumption 1781 1795

    Claude thomas Reaume was the son of Pierre Reaume and Susanne Hubert dit Lacroix, And a counsin of Jean Baptiste and Charles Reaume which can be noted ante,170 plus 249. Claude appeared at Detroit on Aug. 7, 1743, is undoubtedly Jan. 7, 1766, He committed at the Church of the Huron (plastic) Geneveva Janis, little girl of Nicholas Francis Janis and Teresa Meloche. Both wedding couple lived at the South Coast of Detroit. Permission was obtained from the priest of Ste. Anne's from which be wedded by the missionary of the Huron "By reason of the ice and the particular problem of crossing the.
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    When we begin with the products for our link, The doubts of home buying, Of the protocol, Of trying to order each element of the wedding in the most likely way begins to arise. just for, We will try to clarify some points that you will find to emphasize when looking at your wedding stationery

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    Rising STD rate sparks online datingsites

    (fox news) When John got divorced after 12 a lot marriage, He took a deep breath and launched into the dating scene.

    "together with wham, With my very first girlfriend, I caught genital herpes, he admits that. "You feel betrayed and all of a sudden separated from all of those other world. I thought at the time that the girl who gave it to me and I were the only people in the united states who had it,

    But John and his date are far from alone. And the growing number beautiful moldova of people in similar situations has created a new industry: Internet dating sites just for people with STDs.

    It's not surprising once you see the numbers. One in four women is infected with genital herpes, And nearly one in five men based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And a study in this week's Journal of the ama finds that one in four women has human papillomavirus, that can cause genital warts and cervical cancer.(involved: test your STD knowledge)

    Once John got over the initial shock of his diagnosis, one of the primary things he did was go online. "I may well been happy to have had just one person to unload everything I was feeling, he tells. "Instead I found a lot more than 500,

    "Charlotteh" Was started two common by Pam who, need John, does not want her last name used. She learned she had herpes, And dating had become rough.

    Even knowing when to tell a future boyfriend about herpes is tough. "It's complex, Because you do not know when the right time is to tell somebody. for anybody who is up front and get it over with or wait until the person develops feelings for you? It's a big ethical trouble,

    pertaining to Jennifer Nicholas, It was additional an moldova beauty ethical problem. Once she told men she was dating about hsv, Many ran in the other direction.

    "One person, i thought he was Mr. immaculate. But an essay I told him that I had herpes, he was quoted saying, 'Forget my mobile phone number, Forget my email address,' and he blocked me from being able to message him on your computer, states. internet sites immediately take several questions off the table. Members don't should when to tell other members they have herpes, Since everyone in the group does. And they don't need to panic about spreading herpes, Since the folks already have it.

    Pam says to start with,in the early stages, people very nervous about joining, Because it may be the first time they identify on their own as having herpes.

    "People show up for their first support group meeting and sometimes they turn right around at the door because they do not have the courage to come in, wanted to say Pam. products later, "I have people sending me thank you e mails quite frequently. A guy came to a boost group meeting and sent me flowers,

    Since many of the members have not come out to friends and family, A password is needed to get into the photo gallery showing pictures of social events and to receive any specific information about members.
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    Dating is a status of fictitious relationships in humans whereby two people run across socially with the want of each assessing the other's suitability as a approaching fellow-dancer in an intimate relationship.
    It is a carriage of courtship, consisting of sexually transmitted activities done by the unite, either alone or with others. The protocols and Connecting Singles Mature brunette in black stockings practices of dating, and the terms familiar to describe it, alter considerably from homeland to territory and all through time.
    While the term has individual meanings, the most frequent convention refers to two people exploring whether they are romantically or sexually compatible aside participating in dates with the other. With the press into service of with it technology, people can appointment via telephone or computer or just foregather in person.
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